They are located in the province of Treviso’s hilly belt, 50 km from Venice, between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene at an equal distance from both the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, a perfect combination that has a positive influence on the climate.
It is a territory that is difficult to cultivate, but that is fascinating at the same time, thanks to its unique and special vineyards situated on the steep hills where standing is particularly difficult. Here the wine growers have conquered the hills centimetre by centimetre, creating a rare scenery, where its beauty is a testament to the will to candidate this area as a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are the boundaries of the DOCG area which comprises 15 towns, from west to east. It is here, where culture, passion and love for the Glera grape, fruit from which Prosecco is produced, is found. The Glera vine is cultivated only on the sunny side of the hills, at an altitude of 50 to 500 metres above sea level, while the north side is mostly covered by woods, making the cultivation of the Glera grape and the production of the DOCG Prosecco unique to this area.

The view is breathtaking

Visitors that arrive in this area find themselves in a scenery that is picturesque and distinct, where steep slopes and rolling hills are dominated by an infinite network of vineyards.
This is a strip of land that pleasantly smells of wine and good flavours, where cultivation has deeply changed the scenery and the soul of one of Italy’s most charming areas. The towns people’s love for their roots makes it so that they enjoy their traditions and hosting visitors, as well as their passion for food and local products. This territory is not only fascinating and overwhelming, rich in historical and artistic attractions, but also full of surprises and things to do, often unexpected and cherished because precious. The best way to visit the area is to drive along the “Strada del Prosecco”, Italy’s most antique oenological route.
Domus-pictA is found at the beginning of this road in Valdobbiadene, an excellent start.
It is a place where antique castles, aristocratic villas, important monuments, sacred buildings and antique baths can be visited. Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Valdobbiadene and Pieve di Soligo are small pearls of natural, artistic and architectural treasures to be discovered. In the meantime, the vines wait to be kissed by the sun and witness the changes of the seasons, colours and flavours.
Domus-pictA is a worthy ambassador of this heritage both for its culture of wine and for its art and architecture.